Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

So I have had a long day digging, planting, watering and all that good stuff. Last week we tore out all of our old, tired, 50 year old shrubs and now it's time to put in new stuff! I'm actually very excited about it, although it is a ton of work!

So far I've planted...
-Delphinium (my favorite f lower)
-Peony (my 2nd fav)
-Butterfly Bush
-Holly Hocks
-Shasta Daisy
-Clamatis Vine
...and a few more that I can't remember! Now we need to do the mulching and we'll be almost done. I still want to get some hydrangea bushes and a flowering cherry tree. Gardening is so rewarding for me - I just love seeing everything bloom and grow!

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  1. Peonys are my favorite. :) My yard is in deserate need of a make-over. But with construction going on at our house, I have to leave it in it's currently ugly state. I am so jealous of your yard! It sounds amazing.

    P.S. thanks for adding me to your link list!


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