Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Divine Design"

Have you seen this show? It's on HGTV at 3pm weekdays, and I try to catch it if I can. I love, love, love Candice Olsen's designs! How I would love to have a room designed by her! I drool over everything she does!

Candice Olson

Here are several of her makeovers...

Bathroom Before:
Bathroom After:

Bedroom Before:
Bedroom After:

Dining Room Before:
Dining Room After:
Try to catch this show if you can - it's worth it!
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  1. yes, yes, yes!! i love/envy her skills! i've been trying to figure it out for some time now, does she do her "sketch" AFTER the room is done or does she make her room look exactly like her "sketch"? because EVERYTHING is always perfect, down to the last green apple! and she's funny! have a great weekend....

  2. Oh, yes, I totally love her designs. She is a master! I drool over most of her rooms.

    Happy New Year, Aimee!


  3. I love Candice too, I have been watching her since her early days in her 20's when she was on a local Toronto tv show, she has come a long way, I would love her to come and do my bathroom, we are in her area where they tape the show, I should submit and entry , wouldn't that be fun.

  4. She is absolutely my fave! I wish I had her budgets to work with!

  5. Yes, she's brilliant...and Canadian too!!



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