Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Photo Cubes

Here's a fun little project I did a little while ago. I bought some pre-cut 2" wooden cubes from Michael's (a craft store), painted them white, and decoupaged photos onto the blocks. For two of the blocks, I printed out words and decoupaged them as well.

It's a unique way of displaying fun little photos!


  1. I saw the same ones at Sheila's...I said...let me guess, Aimee made those didn't are a machine...and I mean that as a compliment!

  2. Those are the coolest!!!


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  4. I LOVE those!!! What a great idea. I totally want to make some now.



  5. You've been doing some very pretty projects lately...good to see someone is! I can't seem to get it together and accomplish anything creative for my own house...


  6. oooh, i would like to do that too. let me make that #54 on my to do list!!! SEE YOU TOMORROW @ 10!! So fun!

  7. Found you through BonBonBoutique- what a fun blog! I love the frame redo!

  8. Hi! I just discovered your blog & I'm new to blogging! I LOVE your photo blocks. I've never decoupaged before but want to do this so badly! Can you tell me how you did this? I have an inkjet printer will this work?
    Thanks, Tammi, mom to 3 little ones!

  9. Hi Tammi! To decoupage, you need to buy a bottle of Modge Podge (similar to Elmer's glue). I spray painted the wood blocks white, printed out b & w photos on my inkjet printer and cut them to the block size. To adhere the photos onto the blocks, I first put a coat of Modge Podge of the block and stuck the photos on. Then I covered the photo with a coat of Modge Podge for a sealer. There are detailed instructions on the Modge Podge bottle. It's handy to use a foam brush to put the Modge Podge on. And that's it!

  10. Thank you Aimee!!! I got some modge podge today & the blocks! :) Do you print out on photo paper or just regular printer paper...the Michael's lady told me my photos may bleed if I print on photo paper. ??
    I LOVE your blog. :) And your daughter is beautiful! My 18 mth old son would adore her!

  11. Hi again Tammi! I used photo paper and didn't have any problems. I think if you use regular paper, it will be too thin and the Modge Podge may not spread as well. Let me know how it goes!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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