Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still nothing!

I wish I had some exciting news to share, but after a week of having contractions, the baby seems to be quite content to stay in my belly and make me quite uncomfortable!!

Wow, this waiting period is a little bit like torture, but I'm just thankful that I'm able to rest when I need to and that Avery has been a good little girl for me this week. Oh, and that hubs has been willing to go grocery shopping for me and gives me lots of encouragement!

Hopefully the next post will be the big announcement!!!


  1. i remember those waiting days all too much. I was 3 days early with Brooke which had me pretty convinced i was going to be early with Bryant, not so, i was 10 days late!! Ahhhh! It was all good though, and looking back i really don't remember it that much. I hope to hear the news soon too! I hope your delivery goes well for you.

  2. The waiting....AAAGGGHHH! :) But, this summer will come and you'll wonder where the entire spring went, so try to enjoy and savor each minute. :)

    If you want ideas on how to make labor start, let me know. ;) Some work for some people and not for others, but's worth the try!

  3. they are easier to take care of while they're inside you!!!! :-) come baby and please deliver my friend!!! :-)

  4. Alright, little's Friday, and even though you're technically not due until tomorrow...WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?! :o)

    Love ya, Aimee!!!

  5. Thinking of you, Aimee, and hoping everything is going well. Looking forward to some good news from you soon!

  6. congrats on the little guy! he finally made his entrance into this great big world and his wonderful mommy and daddy! oh and big sis!


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