Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hallway Storage Solution

A few weeks ago I dragged home some huge old windows from a church that was doing some renovating, and since then I've been trying to come up with a creative yet functional way to use them.

So I came up with this idea - to use the window as a place to store coats, scarves, bags, etc. in our narrow hallway.

I found some old hooks that were laying around (previous owners had used tons of old hooks in every single closet and I love making use of them!) and spray painted them black. Then I screwed 4 of them into the window frame.

I made this simple flag banner that was leftover from a project I made for my sweet new friend Shar.

It really is so simple and no sewing necessary. I just cut out triangles from fabric and made slits for twine to go through. I found the white and gray striped fabric for 49 cents/yard and the yellow for $2.99/yard at a fabric outlet.

I also whipped up some pillow covers from the leftover fabric.

The driftwood "Beach" sign is for sale in my Etsy shop.

The bench was a yard sale find from a few years ago. It actually wasn't for sale and the sweet old lady was using it to display her yard sale goodies. I asked if I could buy it from her. She asked how much, and I said $5. SOLD!! I snatched it up and ran to the car with it before she could change her mind!

I have a thing for benches, among other things. It was green and I recently painted it white and sanded the edges so that the original green paint would show through.

Oh, and I found that wooden Cola box at a yard sale too. Love using stuff that's old and has tons of character! :)

And just for kicks and because they are my favorite kiddos of all time, here is a pic of Avery & Jack sharing a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Sometimes they are just too much! :)


  1. Great idea Aimee! Love the picture of the kiddos.

  2. Once again I am amazed by all you do! Aimee, thanks so much for making the bunting for our tournament. It was BEAUTIFUL and added exactly the touch that we were looking for! It really meant a lot and I so look forward to getting together...SOON?

  3. That is ridiculously cute!!! I LOVE it.

    I have a window or two that I might have to use this idea for!

    And I'm your newest follower. LOVING your blog!

  4. I love that you took the pretty old window and made it into something functional. Beautiful!!

    Your kiddos are adorable! It is wonderful that they are sharing. :)

  5. Looks great! My dad has a historic house & turned all his old windows into mirrors. We have one hanging in our dining room. What color are the walls...love that paint color!

  6. I love your paint color also. You could put any color with it and it would look great. The window looks wonderful, and I know those are easy to find and reasonable to purchase. I just found several for $2.00 each!

  7. awwww... those are the cutest babies ever! Love your blog!

  8. Oh my! Yes. Please. I absolutely love love love this and want to creaate one for our home. I'm your newest follower.

  9. This is perfect! I am soon getting some old windows (smaller than yours), and I'm thinking hooks for them are on the agenda!

  10. I was just wondering how you attached the window to the wall? I would be afraid the weight of my stuff would bring it down if I just used picture hangers

    1. Stacy - My husband attached the window using anchors and screws. You definitely need to make sure that it's attached well because it is heavy!! ~Aimee


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I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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