Monday, February 21, 2011

Summertime Dreaming

My latest Goodwill find (above) has me dreaming about summertime on this cold and dreary Monday morning.

Breezy skirts, flip flops, warm sunshine....oh, my.

Picking flowers outside...

Going to the beach with the hubs with no prego belly this summer!

Fetching eggs at our cousin's house...

Watching my roses start to bloom and smell divine...

Digging in the sand with the kiddos who couldn't care less about getting filthy...

And enjoying an ice cream cone at the creamery...


What are your summertime dreams?


  1. Okay, apparently you have the BEST Goodwill ever! The ones around here never have anything cute!

    I dream about our weekends at the lake...and they can't get here soon enough!!


  2. I am so dreaming about Summer too! Can't wait for lazy days on the beach! Great Goodwill find!

    Chas @ A Woman's Haven

  3. I love the creamery as well. Especially on a night when I've just kicked my husband's butt at the Village Greens :)

    Glad I found you blog! I just don't quite remember how.

  4. I agree ~ summer can't get here soon enough!! I'm dreaming about all the painting projects I can get done either outdoors or indoors with the windows wide open, letting the fresh breeze in. I feel very hindered during the winter months, as far as projects go. I'm too busy trying to stay warm enough which I never really seem to accomplish.
    LOVE those shoes ~ very feminine and dressy!

  5. ...and you found a great way to dig back in the photo-archives to use or re-use some wonderful photos! we love your state's Lehigh Valley and riding our recumbent bikes along the wonderful trails there. And your Alleghany Valley with great trails there, too. My Grandmother was a native of western PA, Kittanning.

  6. Lunch by the pool and lounging there for hours!

  7. Oh I have been dreaming of spring since last Friday. Beautiful day and then this morning woke up to another 4 inches of snow!! I just want to take long walks with the babes and enjoy dinners on the deck.

    Your roses are beautiful!

  8. Hmmm...Well, after seeing your beautiful front porch, I think I can say that I am dreaming of planting some climbing roses along our porch railing. :)


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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