Friday, May 20, 2011

Turning a t-shirt into a skirt

So, like I said earlier, I cleaned out my closet last weekend. Actually, ALL of our closets. Man, that is quite a job! I can't imagine how you ladies who have more than 3 kiddos manage to organize your kids' clothes! The kids outgrow their clothes so fast, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

Any organization tips you'd like to share with this mama?? It would be appreciated!

Anyway, moving on to this latest sewing project. I decided to keep some of my clothing that I didn't want any more and turn them into clothing for the girls.

I started with this striped shirt. It was cute but too boxy for me. The fabric was a cotton t-shirt material.

I cut the shirt straight across just under the arm pits.

Then I followed Made's Tuturial for a simple skirt. Basically, I just sewed elastic onto the top of the skirt and that was it. I didn't even need to hem the bottom of the skirt, since it was already done for me.

To make the heart embellishment for the skirt, I cut out strips of the t-shirt fabric (about 3/4" wide), then sewed a stitch down the middle and pulled the thread tight to create a long ruffle. I pinned the ruffles onto the skirt into a heart shape, then sewed the ruffle onto the skirt.

I hope that makes sense. It was really very easy.

All ready for summer!


  1. that is just darling! i love the yellow vibe. i have had a hankering to make a skirt for the girls lately-- didn`t think to look in my closet for material. so thanks!! loved the post. :)

  2. Hi Amiee, I am a friend of Chandra's and Kyle and Heather's and am always amazed at the incredible things that you do! :) I loved the wood paintings that you made for all of Stacy Leaman's bridesmaids! I get to hang one in my home-YEAH! I was wondering if I could order one for my sister? It was her birthday and I just love the beautiful things that you make. I was thinking maybe alot like you did for the bridesmaids saying...(Her last name is Herr) The Herr Family Est. 2008. Her home is darker colors, like dark reds, browns, greens, they have dark brown leather sofas, but she really likes the older barn wood look, etc. She has alot of that in her home, the cream and darker woods. Would you be able to make one for me? Let me know! Thanks!

    Lindsay Heller (

  3. That turned out so cute! I love that you used an old t-shirt - upcycling for sure! :)

  4. Okay that is adorable. Do you think I would be able to easily make something like this even if I have never sewn before?? I really want to get a machine and try sewing but I have no clue!!!!

  5. That is nice skirt reusing cute shirt. Ad no one woll be made if little girl stains it cuz its old clotjeok she moght be upset at herself if really likes it but no one else will be. Dotto for ripping which is unlikely as womems t-shirts are made of good material.

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