Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little Entry Makeover

I've bee itching to do something creative in the house lately, so I decided to change around our entry a bit. We don't have a formal entryway - it's just a little corner of our family room. But it's where everyone enters the house, so it gets a lot of use.

Here's what it looked like before. Not terrible, but not very inspiring to say the least.

And here's what it looks like now:

I challenged myself to spend almost no money but to be as creative as possible. And I wanted a functional, organized and of course pretty space.

I found these old wooden crates at a barn sale where I buy a lot of old wood for signs. They were a couple dollars each. I painted them white and my ever-handy husband hung them on the wall so that they are very sturdy. It even withstands a certain 2 year old boy who climbs on everything.

I made the baskets out of cardboard boxes and burlap. I had posted a tutorial a while ago here. They used to be in the nursery. The labels are little chalkboards I found at a craft store. I just hot-glued them onto the baskets.


This was an old mirror that I found either at a yard sale or Goodwill. I painted the frame white and painted chalkboard paint onto the mirror.

I made the hook board out of an old piece of barn wood that I painted white. I handpainted the "Beach" lettering onto the sign and added some old metal hooks that we already had.

The clock came from Goodwill. The color didn't work for me, so I spraypainted it black and distressed it.

And there you have it! It cost me around $15 to re-do the space and now I'm happy to see it whenever I come home!


  1. Love the idea of crates on the wall. I will be using that idea somewhere I'm sure! : )

  2. Wow!! Love it! It's amazing how you can have something look so good and spend nearly nothing!

  3. I like your entry way especially the wooden crates.

  4. I love the wooden crates! So cute! You made your space a very inviting and cheery corner!

  5. Looks beautiful, Aimee! Very creative. Cute idea with the crates!

  6. Love it! What paint color is on the walls?

  7. I was wondering where you got your black and white curtains...maybe you made then?

  8. The curtains are Waverly and I bought them at a local fabric store that's out of business now. ~Aimee


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