Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday {Thrift Store Edition}

Here's my "What I Wore" post for the week!

Blue cardi: Yard sale (J. Crew)
White top: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft)
Shoes: Walmart

As you can see, I find my clothes at all kinds of different places and I'm not a store brand snob. If I see cute shoes at Walmart (I know, it's rare), I pick 'em up.

My closet is a hodge podge of mostly Goodwill/thrift, Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx, and Target. I love the thrill of the hunt! Where is your favorite place to shop?


  1. Love that cardi & the color! I love shopping at Goodwill. It's my favorite & I love getting in there and digging to find a treasure!!!

  2. The color of the cardigan looks amazing on you!!

  3. Go ahead...scold me, but I love me some Banana Republic, GAP & Ann Taylor. I do stick to the outlets, but struggle every time I try Goodwill or any other thrift shop! I suck at thrifty shopping, but my husband would be grateful if I had better luck!

  4. I just wanted you to inspired me to try thriftshops. About a year ago I started and even though we don't get quite the deals here in So. Cal, I have found some amazing items for myself, my husband and my daughters. To date the best finds I have found were the Hurley jeans for my 10 year old daughter for $4 and the brand new (with tags on)sweater from Hollester $2.29 again for the 10 year old. Thanks again for the inspiration :)

  5. Love the pretty white top under the blue cardy - very cute. And I'm with you, my faves are the goodwill and target! Oh and Costco! haha


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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