Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello Monday

Our first full week of summer has gone by and it's been laid-back with a bunch of work thrown in the mixture. The kids have been having a blast playing outside. It's been great having Avery home full-time, although they have their share of squabbles. 

We spent Saturday working outside - trimming trees, pruning roses, mowing the yard, and I was working on creating a fun sitting area under the tree where the kids play. Someday I'll have to take pictures for you. There is a huge tree in our backyard that we turned into a play area for the kids a few years ago. Hubs built a swing set right into the tree, as well as a slide and a little rock climbing wall. It's pretty sweet. And it has lots of shade for hot summer days. The kids literally spend almost the whole day under the tree.

So, how about some hellos for this Monday?

Hello little girl who has no fear. The older kids are scared of spiders, big dogs, and the like. Not this girl. She is our worm-picker and spider killer.

Hello screen door! I feel like my house is ready for summer now.

Hello artist. This girl has been painting up a storm with her neighbor friend Tori. They've spent so much time painting in my studio the past few days. It's fun to have their company while I work!

Hello summer flowers. So nice to see you.

Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Love the screen door. We need to get one really badly. Your girls are too cute! Worms and painting...oh to be a kid again! ;)

  2. What a sweet share! Your girls are beautiful!

  3. Aimee,
    You're work is amazing. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog!!
    How do you make your canvas paintings look distressed? I've never managed to master the technique! :)

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