Monday, July 22, 2013


Last Tuesday through Sunday we went on our first EVER family vacation. We stayed at my parents' house by the bay in Delaware. And it was SO GOOD. At the risk of sounding completely boring, I'm not really a vacation person. Honestly, I LOVE to work. I love routine. I love being home. So taking the kids somewhere for an extended period of time doesn't sound super appealing to me. (I told you I was boring.)

But husband didn't give me a choice. We were GOING. And, as usual, he was right when he said it would be good for us to get away. Even if he dragged me away kicking and screaming.

On the itinerary:
Taking naps
Playing on the beach
Watching sunsets
Eating chocolate and pizza
Swimming in the pool

Friends of ours were at the beach at the same time, and Avery loved playing with her friend Anna. They were two peas in a pod.

Violet watching the boats in the water with her friend Cooper.

The view from the my parents' back porch is incredible. It was so peaceful.

And here you have a seven year old being cool and her little two year old sister attempting to copy the coolness. ALMOST got it.

And the hubster and Jack chilling out by the water. Our favorite place to be.

Summer vacation, you were good to us. We will be back.


A more chilled-out and relaxed mom


  1. Looks and sounds awesome! Good for you! Vacations are a must for us moms too.

  2. Your husband is so right...the family that plays together, stays together!! That is so true! Don't you feel so connected to them right now? My hubby's in the a/c business, so we don't do much vacationing in the summer unfortunately...can't wait fir the fall! I love the pic of little sister trying to copy her big sister...precious! Thanks for sharing :)

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