Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My blog has moved

Hey friends and readers! My blog has now MOVED TO A NEW SITE

I'd love it if you would update your readers and bookmarks to the new address. 
You can have posts delivered straight to your mailbox with an email subscription (see sidebar on the new site).
I'm looking forward to spending time with all of you on the new site! Please head on over and say hello!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some new signs

I've added some more ready-made signs to the shop. It's been so much fun using some really unique old wood that we found recently. The signs have so much character! You can find them in my shop.


And here are a few that got sent out to customers recently. They were some of my very favorites...

And here is one that I'm working on this morning. It will be in the shop soon. I have a good feeling about this one...

For more info on the signs, visit my shop

Monday, July 22, 2013


Last Tuesday through Sunday we went on our first EVER family vacation. We stayed at my parents' house by the bay in Delaware. And it was SO GOOD. At the risk of sounding completely boring, I'm not really a vacation person. Honestly, I LOVE to work. I love routine. I love being home. So taking the kids somewhere for an extended period of time doesn't sound super appealing to me. (I told you I was boring.)

But husband didn't give me a choice. We were GOING. And, as usual, he was right when he said it would be good for us to get away. Even if he dragged me away kicking and screaming.

On the itinerary:
Taking naps
Playing on the beach
Watching sunsets
Eating chocolate and pizza
Swimming in the pool

Friends of ours were at the beach at the same time, and Avery loved playing with her friend Anna. They were two peas in a pod.

Violet watching the boats in the water with her friend Cooper.

The view from the my parents' back porch is incredible. It was so peaceful.

And here you have a seven year old being cool and her little two year old sister attempting to copy the coolness. ALMOST got it.

And the hubster and Jack chilling out by the water. Our favorite place to be.

Summer vacation, you were good to us. We will be back.


A more chilled-out and relaxed mom

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ready-to-Ship Signs

Happy Friday!

I have quite a few ready-made signs available in the shop right now, and I'll be adding more each week. I'm so excited to have signs available that are ready to ship! Here are a few of my favorites...

The "Awake My Soul" sign was made from the lid to an old ammunition box.

"Family Rules" sign made from an old barn door.

I love the lettering color on the "Do All Things" sign. It's also made from reclaimed wood.

We made several signs from some really thick planks of antique wood that we found in a barn. The "In Christ Alone" sign is so pretty.

"Beach House" sign made from reclaimed wood. I love the color on this one too.

"John 16:33" sign made from an old barn door.

The "Welcome" sign was made from parts of an old tobacco press. It has the old nails and the wood is so beautiful.

The "Live the Life" sign is also made from a thick, antique wood plank.

I'm still taking custom orders but am so happy to offer these signs that are ready to be shipped!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summertime Goodness

Summer has been good to us. It hasn't necessarily been laid-back or without lots of work to do. But it's been really good. Violet is my "helper" (huge quotation marks around that one) and likes to be by my side most of the day.

Summer has included catching fireflies, birds, and baby grasshoppers. 

We are outside most of the day, in the 90 degree humidity, but the kids don't seem to mind too much.

The land in which we live is filled with corn fields, rolling hills, lots of trees and farms and greenery. I happen to think it's beautiful. The beauty of Pennsylvania in the summer.

And we got to see a fresh new baby last weekend. My new nephew Asher Reid. A head full of dark hair and so much cuteness. 
Violet was in love.

Summer is just flying by and I'm trying my best to make it STOP. Although I'm sure I'll be ready to get back to the routine that fall brings. I LOVE that we live in an area where we have four seasons, each different and beautiful in their own way.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Website Re-design

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to share my newly re-designed website! After months of working on it, it is finally DONE. It'll make shopping for my artwork so much easier and it looks prettier too (which is the most important part, right??).

Many thanks to Michelle Walls from Italian Lane Photography for the beautiful photos and Janelle Stoltzfus for her help with the text. Thank you girls!

Click here to take a look around and let me know what you think!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's the Little Things

Pet birds. Oh, how these little black birds caused a stir with the kids. The birds fell out of their nest from a tree in the back yard and couldn't fly yet, so the kids mothered them. They dug for worms and fed them all day long. I think it'll be the highlight of Avery's summer.

Playing outside. Yay for summertime and sunshine and being able to send the kiddos out to play!

Fun new housey stuff. I haven't had time to do much shopping recently, but last weekend I went to HomeGoods with my sister and picked up a few things.

New sheets and a pillow for Jack's bed. He gets excited about the littlest things and was over the moon.


I also picked up this clock at HomeGoods. Isn't it perfect?

Thrifty treasures. I found this floor lamp at Goodwill and literally could not stop smiling when I put it in my cart. I've been looking for one just like it for ages and finally found one! Um, yeah, it's the little things.

Sneak Peeks. I've been working really hard in the past few weeks designing a lot of new things that will be in the shop soon. So fun. But also the reason I haven't been blogging much.

I hope you are enjoying the little things in your life this summer!

Happy Monday!


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