Thursday, August 23, 2007


I thought it might be fun to share some pics of the trip we took to Europe for our 5th Anniversary (3 years ago).

It was an amazing trip - we were blown away by the sights and experiences we had! So, so much fun!

We scrimped our savings for a few years and even then, we did everything on the cheap. Found lots of info from Rick Steves website...stayed mostly at inns and bed & breakfasts. It was absolutely the best!

The pic below is of Vernazza, a tiny little town on the western coast of Italy.We traveled through France, Italy & Austria in 2 weeks (yes, it was a whirlwind!). Below is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
A little town called Isle de Sorgue in Southern France (Provence area). It had lots of little canals and great shops.
St. Marks Square in Venice...what a sight!
A beautiful grove of trees at a castle in Vienna, Austria.I am hoping we'll get a chance to go back to Europe and soak it in again! We haven't been doing much traveling in the past few years and we really miss it! So where are your favorite travel spots?


  1. My dream trip is Europe! I hope to go soon and shop the flea markets...that would be heaven!

  2. clark and i are actually planning our 5th anniversary trip for this winter/spring. it may be a surprise to me, he's planning it all, but i know we talked about doing europe. he's already been all over europe back packing, but has tons of places he wants to take me. we talked about the south of france or going back to the island of kos, off of greece. (but it's hard to go back to a place we've already been, when we have a few more places we'd like to see) anywho, these pictures get me excited.

  3. Aimee,

    I was in Venice (DREAMY!), Paris (DREAMY!) and Budapest (beautiful!) in November. I even rode the Orient Express through Switzerland. I couldn't believe how wonderful it all was. The history and sites and beauty.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I will share mine soon, probably on a Friday for one of my Sweet Escapes! :-)

    Wouldn't it be nice to travel more often? There are so many wonderful places to see. The last time I was in Europe was when I was 19 and I am 40 now, so it isn't something I get to do much, with three children to raise!

    Have a great weekend, Aimee!


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