Monday, September 3, 2007

Historic Poole Forge

Last week we went to Poole Forge for the evening. It's an old historic park with a creek & a covered bridge. It's actually the site of my brother's wedding later in September.

We walked around the grounds and just enjoyed the beautiful, relaxing evening. Avery loved the horses & buggies that were tied up (there were lots of Amish picnickers there), and she had fun throwing rocks into the creek and checking out the ducks.

A beautiful covered bridge very common in our area
Walking with her patient Daddy


  1. Your little girl is so sweet. What a fun evening, looks like a lovely tranquil place.

    I am off for a walk, just around the neighborhood. :-)

    Have a good evening!

  2. Your daughter is just darling! I am so jealous of her beautiful hair. Laney barely has any and she refuses and type of hair accessory for the few strands she has - rascal.

  3. cute pics! i have to ask, what kind of camera do you use. it takes wonderful, brilliant pics. we have a canon right now, but are thinking of upgrading to the latest & greatest. maybe you're just a better photographer then me. : )

  4. She is precious, I adore those locks..this place reminds me of my wedding location..memories.

  5. You have a lovely blog and your daughter is adorable! I'm sure she will make the most adorable flower girl there ever was.

  6. Hi, back again, I hope you blow up the last photo from this post that deserves to be framed and hung on the wall.... oh and I've tagged you on my blog, will you play along..?


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