Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yard Sale Finds

I've had some really good luck at yard sales the past few weeks. I bought this red berry wreath that I'll put on my door at Christmastime (after I spruce it up a bit)...

This bench is perfect for our entry! I just have to decorate it a bit better. The lady at the yard sale didn't want to sell it (she was using it to display items), but I talked her into it for $5. I actually do this a lot - I figure it doesn't hurt to try! I thought about painting it, but I kind of like the worn look and the paint color...
I love this cottage-y chair - it's a great replacement to our old recliner! And it's in nearly perfect condition.
This cute frame w/mirror came as a set of two for $1. I painted them white (they were dark wood) and I'm not sure where I'll hang them yet...
Do you enjoy yard sale finds as much as I do?? I LOVE a good deal! My husband says from now on I can only buy stuff that we REALLY need, but I just can't turn down such great stuff! :) Gotta try though!


  1. cute stuff.
    i'm not the best yard saler. i just never have an eye for the cute things. i guess i can't see the potential in alot of items.
    i've got a friend you would get along with so well. she's the queen of yard sales & good will. the stuff she gets is amazing.

    looking forward to next week.

  2. You lucky girl!! What an incredible group of finds. That chair is beautiful, but my favourite is the $5 bench in that pretty colour!


  3. Hi Aimee, I think I'm the "friend" that Kara is refering to?? I'm busy getting my very own blog started up and just wanted to let you know that I've been soooo inspired by your blog over the past few weeks. I've been trying to decide if I want to add another thing "to do" on my list, but your blog and a few others have pushed me over the edge! It's fun to share your life with others. I have enjoyed looking at all your steals and deals. That chair is AMAZING! Girl, where are THOSE garage sales at? I have some really neat things I found this summer that I hope to post on my blog once it's up and running. I'll let you know when I start posting. Bye for now, oh, also wondering how you got that neat template?
    Janelle Stoltzfus

  4. Yea! What great finds, that that bench is worth every penny! I love the color and finish.

  5. you have to check out the link, to a friends blog, that i've added to my site. janelle stoltzfus. you two are two peas in a pod. it's halarious.
    she gets the best yard sale finds and tons more in people's trash and along the road. just check it out sometime. you'll probably enjoy some of her posts, etc.

  6. i just noticed janelle posted her own comment earlier, on your blog.
    yeah, you two crack me up. long lost sisters or something.

  7. WOW, you are a garage sale queen! You got some great stuff. I quit going to garage sales regularly a few years back because I was getting TOO MUCH stuff. But I am getting inspired by people like you who find really neat things!


  8. wow...not only is that stuff cute, but holy cow, those are unbelievable deals!

  9. You sure did well, I would never find good stuff like that, I lvoe the bench too its my fave color.
    Well done.

  10. Love that bench! The color is great just the way it is.

  11. I just came across your blog today via...someone? But I have to say I love just perusing ALLLLLL the crafty ideas you have. especially the creative ways you use yard sale finds. LOVE it. because I do the same thing. We're downright brilent, eh? (yes, I realize I misspelled that. *wink*)

    ...and I understand about the miscarriage turmoil. We've had three miscarriage losses. May God give you more and more peace with THIS pregnancy.



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