Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Fashion Show

So I was browsing for some fall looks that I'm liking right to join me?

I really like this sweater coat from Target - looks very cozy and warm. Not bad for $29.99...

And this cable knit hoodie from J. Crew looks cuddly too (although on sale for $79.50 - sadly above my price range)...

I also am liking this sweater from Old Navy. I really like shawl collars right now...

I really enjoy Ann Taylor Loft and here's one of the reasons why - so pulled together and sophisticated...

One of my favorite things to wear when I'm dressing up is a crisp white shirt - I love this wrap detailing. I think wraps are so slimming. This is from New York & Co...

Ok, so we can't leave out the handbags, can we? Here's a cool one by Brighton (ie. expensive!) from Zappos. Got $285 to spare???
Now here's a purse more on my level. Only $14.99 from our favorite store - Target!
And who doesn't love a cute pair of red shoes? These cuties are $19.99 from Payless.
Hope you enjoyed going on this little tour with me! Enjoy the fall!


  1. Love the sweater from Old Navy, the Ann Taylor Loft outfit, and the shoes! Hmmm....would the Ann Taylor outfit pass for church clothes??? ;)

  2. Aimee - glad to see you are back to shopping and home projects. We have been thinking and praying for you and Merle over the past week.

    I especially enjoy the red shoes! (The red door looks fabuolous too!) Have a great day!

  3. Oh, now I really want to go shopping! You shop at all my favorite places. ;-)

  4. I'll take them all! For the first time, I pulled out all my winter clothes and groaned. Time to shop. :)


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