Monday, October 1, 2007

Flower Girls

Is it wrong to have more pictures of the flower girls than of the bride & groom?? Well, I just can't help myself!
Avery and her cousin Anna were the little flower girls and, although it was a very long day for them, they did a great job and were so cute!

Here's Anna...Ok, so getting Avery up the aisle was so funny to watch!! And it went exactly like I pictured it. Anna practically had to drag her up the aisle, because Avery stopped by every person seated at the end of the row and waved her hands and said "Hi!!" (She's going through a stage right now where she has to talk to everyone she sees.) They finally made it up to the front!


  1. Oh, Aimee! Too cute! I'm so glad you shared your pics! Avery looks adorable, and yes, I could definitely imagine her going up the aisle, saying hi to every person until they responded to her. She's a beauty! :o)

  2. beautiful pictures...what a great weekend for a wedding. everything looked lovely.
    i can still see avery looking at maddie and just repeating herself "hi", "hi", "hi", so i can totally picture her at the wedding.

  3. Avery is too cute for words!! What a funny little girl she's amazing that someone didn't scoop her up for a squeeze as she toddled down that aisle...

    Beautiful wedding photos!!

  4. I am so glad it went well, the pictures are so cute,she is a beauty.

  5. They are absolutely precious!


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