Monday, October 1, 2007

Office Talk

So what did you think about the season premier? I thought it was pretty good. The Meredith accident story-line was a little odd, but I guess that whole show is pretty odd as a whole and that's what makes it great!

Of course I loved that Jim & Pam are dating and thought it was clever how they "came out". Although I assumed that the writers would drag out that relationship, I'm glad they didn't! Yay!

Looking forward to more Office this Thursday! Check out Office Tally for more Office info.

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  1. I am happy about Jim & Pam, they are so cute! I was shocked by Michael hitting Meredith with the car, but like you said, that is what makes this show so crazy fun. They always shock you with something odd Michael does or says. He is odd, but really makes me laugh.

    I thought about you while I was watching this past Thursday, wondering if you were enjoying the show!

    Happy day,


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