Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oprah Goodness!

Holy Moly! Did any of you see Oprah today? Wow - it was just my cup of tea!

She showed homes of people who are just regular folks - and they did amazing things with their houses for not a lot of money. They look like they are right out of a design magazine!

So inspirational! And gets my creative juices flowing!


  1. i was thinking, "where can i find a place that will monogram a bunch of my stuff??" THAT SHOW WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!!!! Happy to have shared it with you...let the good time roll, (and the deals!!)

  2. That was a great show! Don't you love Nate! I think what those people did in their homes was amazing and without a designer too! And how that dad designed his kids' rooms was unbelievable. So creative!

  3. Oooh, I love that last picture! Is that a picnic tablee with two benches for a dining set? Love it!

  4. I am actually rewatching this episode of Oprah right now , love it , gotta try the bree choc panini.

  5. I was in love with this episode! Totally my style, colors etc! That last house had me drooling! I love Nate too! And Oprah while I am at it! Is that magazine coming out soon? Have to have that one! I went to Ikea today too! I thought of you!

  6. That was a great show, very inspiring!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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