Friday, January 18, 2008

Fireplace Makeover

The other day I suddenly decided that I'd like to paint the fireplace...and hubs agreed! :)

Here's BEFORE:
The fireplace always bugged me because the brick looks sooty and dirty.


I like the fresh, clean look that the white paint gives it.

I'm looking forward to changing the mantle decorations from fall/winter to spring/summer, but I need some ideas. I'm ready for easy, breezy summertime!!


  1. That looks so nice Aimee! I keep checking back waiting to see this new bedroom! On that faraway day when I finally get my own place I may get you to fly out and help me do some decorating!

  2. Looks great,so fresh and clean yet still warm.

  3. ooooh, nice! that's a great makeover, a little bit of energy for a great big result. i know how you feel about changing the decor, but i'm resisting the urge....the seasons come and go TOO quickly...I mean, they're selling swimsuits at Target already. No thank you!!!!!!

  4. Great job, Aimee! It looks so fresh and clean! You rock with the paint can!


  5. the fireplace looks great! I did the same thing to mine a few years ago - the red brick was just too much :)

  6. Looks great! I love the freshness of the white bricks!


  7. So I have a question.... not only did you paint the fireplace, but what did you do to the mantle and top of the built ins? Paint or scrap and stain? It looks fabulous!!

  8. Hey Julie! I just painted the top of the cabinets and mantel. It's been painted too many times to bother scraping and staining it. And I don't have much experience with staining...but gotta try it sometime!

  9. Love, love, love it!!!! Way to go, ot looks so much cleaner and prettier...just what I'd expect of your house!!

    May I link to your blog and post those photos? I want to do a little ditty on fireplaces soon. No pressure...


  10. Yipee! I love it when people paint thier brick fireplaces white! It's so cottage/coastal/airy. I just love it... it will look great this spring!

  11. Omgoodness it looks so good! what a difference. and the little lady above is adorable!

  12. Wow, I had to keep scrolling up and down to see what else you changed besides the paint. It looks incredible! Much more sophisticated. Really makes your accessories pop!
    I (and by I, I mean dh) painted some wood in our kitchen last weekend and that made a big difference, too! Come see!

  13. Hi Aimee,
    I just did a google search on painting a fireplace white and came across your blog and photos. Great to see how well it turned out and given you have nearly exaclty the same fireplace with side cabinets as us I feel reassured it will look wonderful in our home as well. Any tips you can pass on - paint choice etc.
    Kate (random stranger)


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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