Friday, January 4, 2008

Painting Queen

I have a problem. And I'm hoping I'm not alone.

I paint stuff. Almost

Yesterday I painted...

*Two lamp bases (my mom was going to throw them out and I thought I might be able to spruce them up. Now I just need to find some cute lamp shades.)

A wooden picture frame for the bedroom

*Cabinet pulls that go on our bedroom furniture - transformed from ugly shiny brass to a brushed nickel

Is anybody else like me?? Painting is just such an easy way to transform anything for cheap...and I'm addicted!


  1. i'll have to say that i THINK about painting everything, but don't take the time to get the paint and actually do it with my little "helpers" around! i agree that paint is the best makeup available.

  2. Ah, yeah, ah, well, no. I don't. I hate painting. BUT, it is the best way to unify, fix, beautify or correct stuff that is for sure! I used to paint more, now I will probably bribe my husband into doing it for me. There is definitely satisfaction in starting with something not quite right and with a little effort you have something that looks good! I just don't like the prep, process and the mess. Love the result!

    Have fun with your paint can! Oh, I used to (like 17 years ago) have a paint that was called Flexstone. It gave everything a stone look. I flexstoned everything, even dated tile! That was great fun and actually looked good too!

  3. Me too me too, I paint an awful lot , ok not everyday but a lot, like today , yesterday , I was just getting my gear all together, I want to paint a mirror frame in the family room, it needs to be black matte black. I have quite a list these days, the living room, the trim in Sophie's room, mirror frame, old stool steps, Sophie's wall repair areas(filled some holes) ,my bathroom walls need a freshen up, a few doors, some trim in the girls bathroom, my kitchen ceiling, I like small projects better than big, oh and the brackets I moved from the kitchen to the living room, I always a have a paint brush at the kitchen sink drying, always.

  4. Oh boy, I hear you! Especially spray paint! I painted two tables this past week, and had red spray paint all over my arms that wouldnt come off! Someday I'll get smart and wear some gloves! Or a face mask, breathing that stuff is nasty.

  5. I love to paint too, But I have to leave the big projects to my hubby. It's nice to "meet" you! I am Barbara from Southern Lady's Vintage. Love your blog!


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