Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fashion Break

Here's another installment of Oprah's advice on fashion. As you can see, I don't really focus on her shows on medical mysteries, politics, finances, relationships, whatever. Nah, I stick to the REALLY important subjects like CLOTHES, or maybe some CELEBRITIES, or the always lovable NATE and his serious decorating skills.

Her show today was on schlumpadink moms who need some help in the fashion department. (um, yeah, I watched this show as I laid on the couch wearing pjs that I still having changed out of and it 6:30pm. I guess I could use the help too...hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there!)

So, here goes...


AFTER: (my favorite makeover - I thought she looked so cute and fresh)




AFTER: (I'm loving that short-sleeved tunic with the drawstring-so cute!)

BEFORE: (please tell me no one else out there wears overalls anymore!)



Oh, and I just had to tell you - I made HOMEMADE gravy today!! I know, most of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking that is SO not a big deal. Sorry, it is for me!
My chicken and noodles needed a little something extra tonight, so I called my mom and said, "It's an emergency! I need to know how to make gravy - NOW!" So she quickly told me, with every other word being said in Pennsylvania Dutch (similar to German in case you're not familiar - it's the language I grew up on and my mom uses it when she's in a hurry and can't think of the proper English words).
I'm not much of a cook, but now I can make gravy with my whole chicken!! :)


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one in my jammies till noon...or later!

  2. I meant to tape the show yesterday. I am soooo bummed I missed it! Thanks for the update.

    I LOVE the red trench coat. I think I'll keep my eye open for a colorful trench coat (on sale of course). I type this as I sit in sweats and tennis shoes. I could always use help!

    Oh, making gravy would be a VERY BIG DEAL for me too. I'm a heat & eat kind of gal. I try sometimes though. Anyway, congrats on making gravy!

    VJ =)

  3. another friend of mine had a similar post, so i will be cheesy and say to you what i told her: yes, i think i am a frumpidinka as well. i want to think that i am not, but i have to admit that most of the time i just pray no one comes to the door, (or if they do, i can at least put on a bra in time!!!)....i would not have made a very good amish lady! i was frantically writing down the "top 10 must haves" and will do my best to fill my closest with those items and then actually WEAR them! hey, guess what??? GARAGE SALE SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER!! whoo-hoo!!

  4. man, I love those tie shirt/jacket things!!! where to get them?


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