Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Chalkboard Project

Here's a simple little project I just worked on.

This is a small cabinet in the nursery where I keep the trash can.

Last week I painted the cabinet white. Today I painted the inside panel on the door with chalkboard paint. So easy and I think it adds a bit of character!

You could do this with any cabinet in the house. Go for it!

Now what else can I make into a chalkboard...


  1. Hi! I think your blog is great! So creative and inspiring. Would you mind sharing your source for the Somethings Gotta Give set? I watch the movie just to see the set:)Thanks!

  2. I knew it, you've been painting again. Cute chalkboard!

    happy day!


  3. What a cute idea! I want to try painting something with chalk board paint now. I'm not sure what yet. How fun!

  4. Just had to comment. I hope you dont mind, but i sent that pic to hubby at work. You see, we have been together for 27 years..and im not sure how it came about, but i used to sing that song to him all the time..jokingly at first...but it kind of stuck. I knew the pic would remind him of just how much i still love him. Thanks....and great blog!!!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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