Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodbye Nasty Pantry

One of the things about having an old house is that some of the rooms just don't get renovated until years down the road...and my closet-sized pantry was one of those rooms. Disgusting, old wallpaper, stained, flimsy shelving, just not very pleasant to use.

So this weekend hubs and I worked on the room. I had used it mostly to store empty jars and appliances that I don't use often.

Here it is in all it's glory (before):

Yeah, there's nothing attractive about stained 1950's wallpaper, folks.

And, here's the AFTER...

Hubs installed these handy-dandy pullout drawers. It'll be a great space for keeping canned goods and large pots and pans.
I find that when a space is unattractive or in need of an update, I have no motivation to keep it neat and organized (note the jars stacked on top of one another in the "before" pics)! Hopefully this freshly painted and CLEAN space will stay organized! (we're keeping our fingers crossed)


  1. i will say that one attractive thing about the before picture is the victorias secret bag!
    AWESOME job!!

  2. What a great transformation! I see many of us have the organizing bug this spring!!


  3. Don't you just love being married to a man that can do everything in a house that you could possibly want!

  4. Great job! Looks fabulous! Pull outs would be soooo nice to have.


  5. Wow! Another fabulous project, I love it.


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