Monday, April 7, 2008

This n That

So I don't have a whole lot to say, so I'll just say a whole lot of nothing...

1. Time for the winter wreath to GO!! Am I pathetic or what? I still have my Christmasy/wintery wreath up on the front door, but since I don't have anything to replace it, I just never bothered to take it down. Until now. Finally.

And joke's on me - a robin just started building a nest on it. Robins + Christmas wreaths = lazy decorator.

2. Isn't Springtime so EXCITING! I just planted some herbs to put in the kitchen windowsill. Cross your fingers that we'll have some yummy herbs to eat before they get dumped by the little hands of a toddler...

3. New shelf from Ross (our favorite!) for the bathroom. It was banged up, the paint was peeling, and I got it for 3 bucks in the clearance aisle. I just painted it and distressed it a little and it's good as new.

4. If you said "uh-oh", you are correct. It is the dreaded little potty. And it looks like it may be time to start the training (anyone want to take my place?).

And it's time to say good night, so I'll let Avery blow the kisses for me...


  1. May I recommend plastic covers for all furniture?...

  2. Let me know how that goes - we have been half heartedly trying with Laney and it is not going so well. We went the treat route and that has not been working with her (it worked with the boys). She will only go to the bathroom when she wants a treat, or sees a treat she wants.

    Also, I can’t stop thinking about that house of Reese Witherspoon - I want to retire there. I guess I am going to have to get Sam get motivated! =)

  3. My potty method is making a simple chart with each day, and for each success I draw a happy face with a marker and for every accident a sad face, it gives pos and neg encouragement , it is great when they see themselves achieve and discourages more sad faces , it works, I have potty trained 8 kids this way.Treats don't work for the long run.When my first daughter did her first poop I had hubby stop and gets balloons and a toy to celebrate.
    Ps I hate those potty's fine at first but it gets old cleaning them, I always skip that step opting for the kiddy seat that fits on the toilet, cleaner , less steps and they get to hear their success.

  4. Oh, the wreath...too funny!

    My main suggestion for potty-training (you know, since I'm such a pro at it with the kid who pees her pants when she feels like it) :) would be to go by the cues that Avery gives you. If she's showing interest, awesome! If she doesn't even want to stand near the thing, back off and wait a bit. Letting her let you know when she's ready will ward off the fear and anxiety that might come later. :) Oh, and accept the fact that pee will be the floor...I think that's why they make Lysol wipes. :)

  5. Oh, that is too funny about the nest in the wreath. And I thought I was setting a bad decorating example! You win the award, girl! I'm passing on the crown.


  6. This was a fun post! I just got caught up with your last few posts, and I so enjoy any post that includes pictures of your adorable baby girl. And she IS still such a baby, really...

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love the shelf. It looks great!

    I know what you mean with the potty training. My youngest is starting to use the potty. Although I am excited about getting out of diapers all together, it's a rough road getting there.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. I second the idea for skipping the "little potty." I'm in the process of potty training right now, too, and mine has done better with the big potty. This is especially good training for when you are out in public, because I've yet to go to a Target with a "little potty!"

    When she's ready - she will tell you. Really.

    With mine - I tried charts, and prizes, and treats (worked the best), and then she changed her mind! So I told her that there were only a few diapers left in her size in the whole world. She then decided she could wear pull-ups. This week - I bought Dora pull-ups. She promptly told me after wearing only one - "Mommi - These Dora ones are ucky. I wear panties now. I a big girl." And she has ever since!

    4 days, and 2 peepee accidents later - we have success! (I think.) Yay!

    Good luck! Let us know what works with your little one!



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