Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kids Memo Board Project

I saw this project on The Nester's site and knew I had to make something like it for Avery's room.

So, here it is - a little memo board made from canvas that I covered with floral fabric and wrapped it with different kinds of ribbons.

Cheap, easy and oh, so cute!


  1. Oh, i notice a cute picture of a little girl in a purple jumper. She's adorable! : )
    That is so cute. I'd love to make one too! To post all those lovely photo's of friends kids & tots.
    Hope all is well.

  2. It looks beautiful! Great job!

    Thinking of you and hope you are feeling better each day! :)

  3. That is really cute! I wish I'd had something like that for my daughter when she was really little. Maybe she wouldn't tape posters and newspaper clippings about the Jonas Brothers all over her walls now that's she's ten!

    I just discovered your blog via Mabel's House. I like it a lot.

    Your daughter is precous.


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