Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's a thumb-sucker!

Yes, it appears we are going to have a baby boy and I must say, I feel a little lost when it comes to boys! The past two years have been filled with all things girly - dolls, dresses, tea parties...where does a boy fit into this picture???

I guess we'll find out!

And, of course, in all my overly-preparedness (is that a word?), I've already taken all things girly out of the nursery and we're preparing to move Avery into her own *very pink* room with a big girl bed.

The nesting thing is kicking in full force!


  1. Congrats! How fun... I am sure you will adjust to the "boy thing" very quickly! Are you going to be sharing names or keeping it a secret?

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the "nesting" part: moving Danae into a new room, getting the nursery ready for a boy, etc. I'm sure you are/will be the same way! :o)

  3. Hooray for a boy...I bet Papa Ben is very excited! ;) Looking forward to pics of Avery's big girl room...I love having Libby in a bed, it makes life easier!

  4. I am so happy for you , I am sure you will figure out the boy thing really quickly, yippy for you , now what will you call this wee man?

  5. Congratulations! I have a boy and a girl and you will figure it out fast! We have two thumb suckers too!

    Happy Nesting!!

  6. so happy for you. theres wonderful things about little girls and little boys, so happy you get to experience both.

    i will continue to pray for you over the next several months.

  7. A BOY! How great! I love the picture of him sucking his thumb! Congratulations.... What does Avery think about a brother?? And when does the nesting thing kick in???? :-)

  8. oh, BOYS ARE SO MUCH FUN!! you will just love him to bits! they bring such a spark to your life....i will warn you of the following that i have learned over the past 3 years:

    *dirt is their friend, make amends with it early on.
    *they are loud, join in the fun instead of trying to quiet them all the time.
    *find what they love and help them enjoy it while teaching them to engage their imagination, soon they'll be playing for hours, (i.e. tools, trains, airplanes, whatever it may be).
    *kiss them LOTS and hug them TIGHT, really hard squeezes, boys love that.
    *they are messy, but they don't have to leave pee on the seat, teach them to wipe up after themselves and close the lid. they won't know any different and their wives WILL THANK YOU SOMEDAY!!

    so much fun awaits for Avery! she will be your little helper i have no doubt!!

  9. oh, and get ready to fall in love all over again!!!!

  10. oh congratulations!! I had 3 girls, and then was surprised with my boy; what a great joy he is.

    Boys are so full of love, cuddles, snuggles, care for their Mommas; they ARE Momma's boys for real.

    Mine will still get in my lap and curl up, he's 7, almost 8. Boys are awesome.

  11. Congrats on having a boy! :) It will definitely be fun to experience both. I know I would love to!

    How precious is that ultrasound pic?! Ah! Love it.

  12. Congratulations, Aimee! He is going to be very handsome, I can tell. :) What a lucky, lucky little boy, too, to be joining such a wonderful family. Blessings abound for all of you.

  13. Yay!! Congratulations Aimee!! As a mother to two boys, I can attest that you will have so much fun! I just loved their little, rubber boots and toy trains and trucks. And, little boys ADORE their mamas...

    Oh, I wanted you to know that I posted those pics of your fireplace make-over, with a link to your site. Stop by and see!


  14. Aimee, that's awesome that you're having a boy. just like us you are having your boy second, I'm sure Merle is very happy! Matt couldn't have been more pleased when we found out, he loved/s his little girl but he really wanted a boy too. they are different than girls, it's amazing and you will discover that pretty quickly, but they are fun at the same time. And our little boy isn't a thumb sucker he is attached to his "pink" care bear!!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  15. by the way this is Kris, sorry!

  16. ok this is ridiculous, but i was reading over my comment and I'm making it sound like I'm pregnant but I'm not, just for the record.
    What I meant to say was Matt couldn't have been more pleased when he found that I was pregnant with a boy when we had Bryant. there i think that is everything!

  17. congrats! we had a girl then a boy.....and its sooooo much fun!!! I love seeing my girl play with all the trucks and my boy carry around a baby doll. And my girly girl can hang tough with the boys.....while my little boy loves to snuggle with me. Its a wonderful combination! have fun. -jess

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