Monday, August 11, 2008

Random thoughts

by me. Just 'cause.

1. My wardrobe changes according to the amount of clothing in my "to-be-ironed" basket. Right now it's full of my capris and pants, so that means I'm wearing mostly skirts. It's a good news/bad new situation - good news is that at least I don't have to run around town with nothing on. Bad news is that I have to shave more often. And who wants to do that?

2. Little girlie eats her baby lotion. Is that gross? I wonder if it tastes good. (no, I'm not adventurous enough to try it)

3. Oh, and she is having eye muscle surgery on both eyes on Friday because of a condition she has called Strabismus. Between the two of us, we have 4 doctor appointments this week. Yuk.

4. The Office finally starts again on September 25. The wait is almost unbearable.

5. Hubs and I are planning a vacation to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Carmel, and Big Sur in September. And I cannot wait!! The two of us haven't gone on vacation since we went to Europe four years ago. We thought we'd better go before the next little munchkin comes along. Although, I must admit, I am dreading leaving Avery for a week! She is going to stay with her grammys and you better believe, she is going to be one spoiled kid when we get back!
***If you've been to the area, please give me suggestions on what to see while we're there!

6. I wish I would like to drink coffee. It just seems so cool. But tastes so horrid to me.

7. I watched the Olympics late last night and saw the relay where the US swim team won by a super-close margin. It was awesome! And I am so impressed with them, really. But why do all swimmers have such thick necks? Is it their genes? Is it their muscles? I hope I didn't just offend you if you are a swimmer with a thick neck. I was just wondering.

8. Have you heard that Bernie Mac just died? From pneumonia. Wow, that's weird. I'm on the cutting edge of breaking celebrity news. Stay tuned.

9. This weekend I watched The Painted Veil and it is now one of my favorite movies. It is so, so good! Sad and a bit slow but really powerful. A must-see for sure.

10. I have my next ultrasound in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to find out if we're having a boy or a girl! It's like waiting to open my Christmas present!

So, I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I didn't bore you out of your mind with my pointless ramblings! :)


  1. fun list of randomness. i didn't like coffee for ever....but starbucks white chocolate mocha is SOOOO good. and now i'm getting more and more adventurous! of course...straight coffee is still nasty to me :)

  2. I love the movie The Painted Veil. Let me warn you against reading the book, however. The ending is different and is really dreadful!

    I enjoyed your random thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Painted Veil = fabulous!
    Coffee = yumminess...I'm sad you don't like it!
    Olympics = AWESOME!
    Ultrasound = are we hoping for a boy?
    Eye surgery = we will be praying
    The Office = did you see the funny preview during the opening ceremonies...slap face? funny!
    Vacation without kids = sooo jealous (am I the only mom who has no problem leaving her children behind for a week?)never made it to No. Cal so I can't give any suggestions.

  4. I enjoyed reading your ramblings! I wish I liked coffee too! Have fun on your trip!

  5. stayed up entirely too late to watch that race, BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. you would have laughed so hard at me jumping up and down ON my couch silently screaming and cheering !! i was sooo into it and those guys voices getting you all excited don't help either!! GO US!!!!!!! (as in them and us, not US=United States!!)

  6. I enjoy your random thoughts! Never have been to Cali so I cannot help you there - sounds like you will have a fun time though with your hubby!

  7. SO.... I am very jealous of your vacation before baby plan!!! Sound sooo good to me! And did you find out what you were having with the first one???? We are currently disagreeing on this point....
    Coffee = yum, but not now for me.
    Also staying up way too late to watch the amazing US swimmers! Which makes me VERY tired at work the next day! Yes, they have very big neck, shoulder, and chest muscles - even the women!

  8. I wish Avery a quick recovery, it is so hard to have your child go through surgery, My Mason had her tonsils and adnoids out it was hard to do but she benefited right away .
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday we have never done that there is no one that could a: watch our kids(everyone works no one is retired) b: nor that we would trust to with Sophie's allergy , maybe someday .
    Can't wait to hear what wee baby is , I don't know if you remember when you miscarried I mentioned my brother and his wife were having several losses themselves, well good news they are pregnant too , almost as far as you , it is very exciting , I am happy for all of you.


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