Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

It's 1:10pm and I'm still in my jammies.

And the best part?

I don't feel a bit guilty.

This is major for me, people! I'm the kind of girl who is running around a million miles an hour trying to get as much done as possible in a day and, for once, I'm being still and just cuddling and enjoying my little girl.

I'm also enjoying a heavenly delicious cream stick (kinda like a long john) from Der Dutchman Bakery in Walnut Creek, Ohio. What's a few extra pounds when you're 6 months pregnant? Am I right?

My mom, Avery, and I made the trek out to Ohio on Thursday and I spent a few days with one of my bffs Angie in Columbus, then spent a few days with my mom's family in the Walnut Creek area.

It. Was. Bliss.

I helped Angie decorate her house (my all-time favorite activity), I shopped at Hobby Lobby (we don't have that store around here), I got to hang out with my favorite cousin, I ate to my heart's content, and just savored the time I got to spend with people I don't see a lot.

Pictures to come!


  1. THERE you are! :) I forgot about the Ohio trip. Glad you had a great time!

    Enjoy that doughnut to the fullest. Just keep thinking "The baby's gaining, not me!" (Hey, at least that's what I did.) :o)

  2. Good for you, Aimee! Listening to your *inner voice* when it tells you to stay in your PJs and take it easy (and to eat cream sticks!), can only be good for you and that growing baby.

  3. We have Hobby Lobby but I haven't actually been yet...maybe I'll have to check it out! Glad you guys had fun. Oh, and could you send some of your million mile an hour energy this way please? ;)

  4. Wow! It sounds like you had a great trip. Can't wait to see pictures!

    I would live in my PJs if I could!


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