Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We took a quick trip to New York City last weekend with our friends Kent & Sheila. It's my second-favorite city (next to Paris, of course!) and it was fun to do some exploring and lots of eating!

We left Avery at home with her Grandma and took Jack along. He loved all the walking! Although he didn't care too much for the subways, since he nearly got suffocated from the crowds of people!

This was a cute little flower shop called Posies. How adorable is that name?!

We had brunch at Cafe Lalo (from "You've Got Mail")...so yummy!

Their dessert display looked like heaven on earth!

The atmosphere of the cafe was very cool - eclectic & European.

More sightseeing...

The famous Plaza Hotel...unfortunately, it was not the hotel we stayed at!

Rockefeller Center...

Being goofy with a huge mirror at Saks Fifth Avenue..."no thanks, we're just browsing"!

Good times!


  1. What a fun weekend! Great pictures!

  2. That mirror picture cracks me up. Probably just because of the store we were in!! Good times!!

  3. Oh, the pics of the city brought back such great memories! Lucky you! Kevin and I used to love to road trip to NYC for the weekend. We actually did stay at The Plaza once ... we got great rates! Oh, life before children ... I know we'll get there again. For now, I am content being mommy each day! :>)

  4. What a fun getaway! I loved seeing your pictures.

    We share the same favorite cities! I'm ready for a trip to either right now. :)

    I see you took the baby along. How did he do?


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