Saturday, June 6, 2009

Real Life

Aw, look at these sweet kids!

She sits quietly, holding his head at just the right position, and gives a precious smile for the camera. He gazes quietly, wide-eyed, at his doting mother and gives a little coo for the camera.


She shrieks "CHEESE!!" and forgets to hold the little boy's head. The loud (and I do mean loud) voice causing him to wail inconsolably and almost tumble off the couch.

She can barely see out of her dirty, smudged glasses and probably has a wad of poop in her pants. He hasn't had a bath for - well, I won't even admit how long it's been - and has drool all over his onesie.

Ah, yes, this would be my life.


  1. No matter what, they are adorable!

  2. Too funny and too cute! That pretty much sums up my life too!

  3. Ha ha ha ha! I'm cracking up...not only because it's so funny, but because I think we live the same life and don't even know it!!!

  4. The second picture is hilarious!! Jack's face is classic...and I think my niece and nephew are quite fabulous!

  5. I agree with Andrea. Jack's face just cracked me up on the 2nd picture! You just never know what to expect with kids!!


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