Thursday, July 23, 2009

My tiny little guy

I recently took Jack for his 6 month check up and we found out that he had lost weight since his 3 month check up. In fact, he's off the charts for what his weight should be.

So I've been trying to fatten him up with extra feedings and cereal. And Jack approves.

The doctor said he needs more calories. Man, I wish I got that diagnosis! How sweet would that be??


  1. Aimee: I'll try to remember to bring the baby clothes for Jack to church on Sunday. He is soooo cute!

  2. Aimee, He is just too cute. He has the most beautiful eyes! At AJ's 9 month appointment he was down to the 10th percentile. It is kind of unnerving when they tell you that your baby is "thin". We had a rough start getting this guy to eat and he looked like he was doing great. He is in the 15th now, so we are making progress. You will too!

  3. What a sweet little guy!! I have lots of experience with getting more calories in - my son has always been very small (he was 1.5 lbs at birth (3 mos early)). You can add oil (cooking, canola, etc) to his cereal, or try adding powdered milk to the milk.

  4. what big blue eyes he has. adorable.

  5. Seems like he's taking after his daddy in more ways then looks!! Eat and eat and not show it! Hope you are doing well!!


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