Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Side Table

So I promised you pictures of the other side table that I was working on and here you go!

Before: (bruised and tired - it had a rough life I think!)

And here's what it looks like after I revived it with some paint and a new drawer pull:

I sanded the edges a bit with my electric sander that I got for Christmas. LOVE that sucker!

~ ~ ~

And just for kicks, this gave me a chuckle! I found this in the fridge a couple mornings ago.

It's my Olive Garden leftovers that hubs accidentally dropped on the floor. For some inexplicable reason he felt the need to scrape the noodles off the floor, put them back in the container, and mark it as dumped.


Why did he not just put it in the trash, you ask? I have no idea.


Did he think I would actually eat it?

When I asked him about it, he said it was early in the morning and he wasn't thinking straight. I'm usually the blond one in our relationship, so it made me laugh!


  1. lovely work! don't you follow the five second rule at your house? just kidding! :)

  2. Ok Merle...now I am laughing! That is so funny! Table looks adorable...and have fun with Rachel!!

  3. this is just insane! i love to look and re-look at your makeovers! and let me add- it always makes my day when i come here and you have a new post. love, LOVE both the end tables and have fun with racheal ray. luuuck-y!!

  4. The table looks awesome as usual! How do you have room for all these tables? The food box is priceless! You have to put that picture in an album for stories later!

  5. I think since the leftovers got tossed this calls for another trip to Olive Garden!!

  6. Gorgeous table! I really need to see outdated furniture through your eyes! You are amazing!
    The leftovers "dumped on floor" incident is hilarious :)
    I think your hubby was indirectly complimenting what a good housekeeper you are. Your floors are obviously clean enough to eat off of :)

  7. i love it! do you have any tips on hot to do this? did you paint it black first?? What type/ sheen of paint did you use?? I'm so excited about this project of yours- I have 2 side tables that look VERY similar to this in my basement!!!
    I've tried a distressing/ glazing before and my husband just keeps telling me that he thinks it looks like I smeared the baby's dirty diaper all over it- I can't decide if it does look that way, of if he's just not used to the diy. :)


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