Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Award

I was just given a fun bloggy award by Michele at Faith, Trust, & a Little Pixie Dust. Thanks Michelle!

So now I need to tell 7 little known facts about me. Here I go...

1. I married my first date, my first love, my first kiss. We are complete opposites, but somehow, it just works perfectly.

2. I feel like only now, at 31 years old, I am finally figuring out who I am, what I really enjoy doing, what my gifts and strengths are, and I am more excited than ever about my future and the future of our family!

3. I want to raise chickens. And horses. And maybe sheep. And have an orchard. I think we need to move to a farm. :)

4. Even though my little sis owns a coffee shop, I don't drink coffee. I think it tasted just terrible. I won't drink tea either, or any other hot drinks for that matter. I can barely tolerate hot chocolate. Weird, huh? The hubs loooongs for me to drink coffee with him and I wish I could be cool like that, but sadly, my taste buds just won't cooperate.

5. I wish I were a better seamstress. Fabrics seriously inspire me so much and I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to create, but I totally lack the skill. Maybe someday.

6. Even though I paint stuff all the time (as in, almost every. single. day), I really don't enjoy the painting process. It's a means to an end. The end product always makes me excited enough to endure the tedious painting process.

7. For our next big vacation/trip, the hubs and I want to visit England, Ireland & Scotland. Rolling green hills, amazing castles, cliffs overlooking the ocean...yeah, that sounds about right. Unfortunately, it won't happen for quite a while, but it's fun to dream!

And now, I nominate my sister-in-law Andrea and my friends Beth and Janelle for the award! It's your turn ladies!


  1. I enjoyed reading these things about you Aimee--especially #6. I'm also always painting. In fact Hubby says to the kids, "Mom's just not happy unless she's painting something." Actually I hate the work, but I love what paint can do!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. If you ever take that trip to England let me know, can hook you up with all sorts of fun stuff (my husbands English). Hope your summers well, still would LOVE to hook up for coffee sometime!

  3. oh dear! 7 little known facts...i'll give it a whirl!!! Thanks!!! And see you MONDAY!!!


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