Monday, July 19, 2010

Nautical-Inspired Bedroom

I've been having so much fun working on this little boy room for the past few months! You'll have to excuse the pics - the room doesn't get much natural light and my camera isn't exactly professional!

I made a very conscious effort to re-do this room as inexpensively as possible. Most everything is second-hand or made by me.

Oh, how I love the Ikea light that we hung in place of an old, outdated ceiling fan! It is perfection. And cheap, I might add!

Here is the tired old fan that used to be there...

Much better!

I sewed the curtains using a heavy striped fabric from a fabric outlet, then used rope trim to tie them up. Couldn't be easier!

Like I said in a previous post, I made the sailboat that's hanging on the wall behind the headboard. I cut up some canvas drop cloth and used branches, twine, and small nails to put it together.

I added the "J09" lettering using my usual method of printing out the lettering on paper, copying it onto the canvas with carbon paper, then painting it with craft paint.

The pillow shams and sheets are from HomeGoods. LOVE that store! The simple white comforter is from Ikea.

I found the old bed at a barn sale for - get this - $15!! And I didn't even paint it! Can you believe it??

I painted the side table red and distressed it. It was originally bright blue and when I sanded the edges, some of the blue comes through, which is perfect.

The stainless steel light came from Goodwill for just $2.97! It looks brand new. I found the boat shelf at a yard sale for a few dollars. The hanging baskets came from Ikea, and I added the lettering with some paint.

This sweet little white chair came from Goodwill.

Here is what it looked like before I painted it white. Quite orange, dontcha think?

Here is the other side of the room. I made the flag banner using leftover fabric and a piece of rope. I just cut holes in the flags and stuck the rope through. Very easy!

I painted the "Sailing Club" sign using some wood we had laying around in the basement (aka. dungeon).

It's called free artwork! My favorite kind!

My dad gave me this metal crab trap that was stored in his shed at my parents' beach house. I hung it from a small hook that I put in the ceiling.

Remember this bookcase/dresser? I found it along the side of the road for free and moved it up to this room.

I found the wooden milk box with rope handle at the Walnut Creek Antique Mall in Ohio last weekend and just couldn't resist picking it up! I had found the old fan at the same place a few years ago.

And here is the chalkboard wall that I painted.

It's the perfect little corner for toys and looking at books at the child-size table I found at a yard sale.

The red book holder came from Goodwill and the metal shelf is from Ikea.

I wrote on this post about how I painted the floor in the diamond pattern. So much work, but totally worth it!

I'm still doing some tweaking in the room (it never ends!), but overall, I really like how it turned out. Jack will be moving into this room when the new baby comes in November, and until then, it'll be a spare room.

Oh, yes, I wanted to give you paint colors, so here you go. They are all from Lowes.

Floor: Valspar Ghost Ship (lighter color)/ Valspar Evening Eclipse (darker color)
Walls: Valspar Seashore Fog (isn't that the perfect name for this room??)

"Man cannot discover new oceansLink until he has courage to lose sight of the shore."
-Andre Gide

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  1. WOW! I love, love, love, love, love it!! :) So many details! Wonderful job!

  2. Everything fits the theme including the paint name ~
    This room is perfection and without spending a fortune! I can tell you had a lot of fun creating this room for little Jack.

  3. You are so talented, I love this room. If I ever have the baby boy I want so badly, his nursery will be nautical theme and this give me such inspiration! xo

  4. I {LOVE} what you have done with this room! So cute! I have that exact same fan too, strange! (It's pictured over at my blog...isn't it the same fan? neat.)

  5. Oh my goodness, that room is amazing!!! There are so many different accessories but it doesn't look overdone. It looks a great room for playing but also serene enough for getting a good night's sleep. I am sure your son is just going to LOVE his big boy room!

  6. amazing! love the variety of accessories.

  7. I'd love to know what the baskets/buckets hanging on the wall are made of and what they're called? I'm searching Ikea and can't seem to find them. LOVELY room!!! Lucky boy!!!

  8. Fabulous room and done on such a tight budget too. The bed is such an amazing find - who would sell it for such a low amount. Lucky for you, though, that someone did.

  9. Hi, Aimee, ahh, yes you are the nursery girl! I remember now. What a beautiful new room you've put together. Love the diamonds on the floor and all your thrifty finds. It looks adorable!!!

  10. Hi, Aimee, ahh, yes you are the nursery girl! I remember now. What a beautiful new room you've put together. Love the diamonds on the floor and all your thrifty finds. It looks adorable!!!

  11. Aimee,
    It is fabulous! I know you did it on a tight budget, but it looks like a million bucks. Straight out of a children's catalog!! Great Job!!

  12. I LOVE that old fan...I'm doing my kids room in Nautical these are some fab ideas to consider

  13. This room turned out just perfect! I love those pillows and the light fixture. I can't believe all the wonderful little details you've added - it's just wonderful!

  14. Hi Aimee,

    Did you use a stencil on your sign? I love that idea!


  15. SO DARN CUTE!!!

    Recently found you (via the Nester) and have since added you to my favs. Love being inspired by your blog.

    Thank you!

  16. I am blown away, this deserves to be in costal living good job, I just love your blog!

  17. Aimee, what a fantastic room!! I love the details you've add everywhere! Great job!

  18. I love it so much! It looks like a Pottery Barn room.

  19. Just love it! I have two girls and so only have decorated with girly accents - so this was really fun to see how a boy's room can be so adorable too! You have an amazing gift in creating beauty!

  20. Wonderful! I recently did a "pirate" room for my little boy; you've inspired me to make a photo record of it! When, and if, it's ever clean again!

  21. So neat! You are totally inspiring! Love people who can be creative and do things using small amounts of money! You are blessed with creativity. I've recommended your blog to others. Be encouraged.

  22. Oh it's so perfect! You've worked really hard on this and it shows! It's really, really, really cute! Fantastic job!

  23. my chest feels all fluttery! perfection......!

  24. Awesome! I started listing everything I love in this room but it soom became evident that I love every little and big detail you put in there. But I especially love the chalkboard wall, the big sailboat you made. OK, and everything else. Great job!

  25. There are just so many things to love about this room.... mostly in all the little details. I must say that I love the signs that you made yourself. They look awesome and one day I hope I'm able to make some that look as good as yours!


  26. Holy Cow, woman! It's so GOOD! It really is a darling room, and the best part is, it's not overdone~it's just perfect! LOVE IT!

  27. Fantastic!! I love all the touches that you created!! I too am a lover of all things cheap-so this bedroom was right up my alley!
    I LOVE the sailboat and banner! Too cute! I must go and look around at your blog and see what other good stuff that you have done!!
    Please, stop by sometime and say hello!
    Happy Wednesday!

  28. i'll tell you, it's more beautiful in person then you can imagine! GREAT JOB AIMEE!!! you inspire many, including me!!!! Looking forward to our next time together. xoxo, Janelle

  29. Wow! I LOVE your style! My baby boy would love a nautical room like this!!! (ok, i would love it, he'd prolly be fine sleeping in my room forever! LOL

    Great job!!!

  30. looks awesome!
    was the coral accent pillow also from homegoods? looks just like the ones in summer PB catalog!

  31. i LOVE your nautical bedroom.

    btw. did you see these nautical pillows here:
    (bottom of post)...??! are these an awesome match for your room, or what?!

  32. Great room!! You did a fabulous job!

    I've been wanting to make a shower curtain for our soon-to-be nautical bathroom out of an old sail but now I think I will just use a drop cloth because it looks great on your sailboat.

    thanks for the inspiration(once again) :)

  33. Wow, love it!! I was even studying your handwriting on the chalkboard wall..LOL! You are so creative!

  34. This room is absolutely ADORABLE! You have to submit this one to Coastal Living magazine. You did such an awesome job!

  35. I looked on Ikea this morning and cannot find the light. Do you have the style number?

    I took your idea and painted the room this color now working on decorating it.

  36. Angela -here is the link to the Ikea light:

    It's called Ottava.

  37. I just love the sailboat! Do you remember what font you used for the lettering?

    1. So sorry but I can't remember what I font I used for the sailboat. It was too long ago and I didn't keep track!


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