Saturday, November 13, 2010


The other day I overheard Avery telling Violet "You are my best friend forever!". And my heart totally melted.

We are all just so in love with our little Violet! She's a week old now and has been a really easy, content baby. She's a champion eater and excels in 4 things: Sleeping, Eating, Peeing, and Pooping! Oh, and being cute!

I'm getting a decent amount of sleep and have recovered so well from the c-section. I feel like I'm almost back to normal physically, although I have to keep myself from trying to do too much.

Yesterday was my first solo day with all three kids and let's just say, we were ready for daddy to come home! I think Jack has an inner radar that tells him to be naughty when I'm feeding the baby and can't do anything about it. But for the most part, the kids are adjusting really well to the changes around here.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and emails! Seriously, this blogging community is just so cool! Thanks for taking the time to visit my little world!


  1. Precious photo.My girls were about that many yrs. apart.Oh the memories.It goes so fast enjoy them while they are so little.

    Blessings for sunday to you!

  2. Awww! They both are sooo pretty! Of course all your babies are beautiful. I hope you are getting plenty of rest. Both my babies had a head full of black hair, seeing yours sure brings back sweet memories. May God bless your beautiful family!

  3. That's great, Aimee. You're a pretty fast healer!


  4. When I had my third I had a special bag of books and small toys that my 2nd could play with while I was nursing. She could only play with them while I was nursing, and I added new toys if she was getting board. The sticky stretchy hands were the best. I kept it right next to the boppy, I think she enjoyed having something that was just for her during that time. Congratulations you have a beautiful family!

  5. Awe. Sweet Pea and she sure has a great head of hair. Best wishes on your new journey.

  6. Absolutely Precious! When we brought home our 4th child, a girl, her older sister had "fixed" her hair and put a bow in it (she did have quite a bit of hair) before her first day home was over. She is still fixing her hair 13 years later!
    Your girls will have a special bond as sisters!
    Oh, just say your "O, how He loves..." canvas! LOVE this! I may have to copy your idea! Thank you for the inspiration!
    The Lord's Blessings on you and your precious family!

  7. so good to hear Amiee!!
    YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF GIRL...not too much too fast!!!

    oh, sisters! TOO PRECIOUS!!!

  8. adorable!
    hope you are well.

    (enjoy these moments. before you know it they'll be fighting over toys, clothes, boys, the car, etc.) ha ha!

  9. Beautiful baby, and great photo. Brings back memories as they are the same ages my girls were and we have a similar picture of them.

  10. Very precious baby.

    And I agree with some of these comments. TAKE IT EASY! I had a c-section on Sept 2. Everything went well, but I overdid it multiple times. I wouldn't realize it, though, until the NEXT day. I found I really needed the full 6 weeks to recover.

  11. I just HAD to "peek in" today for a hopeful look at Sweet Baby Violet...and there she was with Big Sis! Congrats!

  12. oh aimee, that best friend comment may be the cutest thing i've ever heard! and i LOVE the pic of the sisters- so sweet!
    also so glad to hear that you are recovering and feeling good!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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