Monday, January 24, 2011

Cuz I like to make lists


*lukewarm showers.

*speedos, on anyone, no matter what size they are.

*walking into forever 21 and feeling like all the teeny-boppers are staring at me going "she is WAY to old to be in here".

*sharing one bathroom with a husband and three little kids. it means that I never get to shower in peace. like ever. i know, such a hard life.

*hearing a mom curse out her little kids in the middle of Walmart. and, no, it wasn't me. very funny.

*finding hairs in your hotel shower. eeeeew.

*dwight. the office. enough said.

*dirty floors. i have an unhealthy obsession for keeping my floors clean. if i were rich, i would hire someone to clean my floors 24 hrs. a day. i'm totally serious.

*unfinished house projects. drives me IN-SANE. i can't handle it. just ask hubs.

*words like moist and retch and puss and fester and snot and chunky and plop.

okay, enough of my dumb ramblings. you can go on with your life now...

**by the way, no, i don't think my son in the picture is cringe-worthy. i just added the pic because i felt like it and he makes me smile. :)


  1. Lol this cracked me up because I feel the SAME way about the same words you put. Who uses the word moist??? Seriously! And hearing a man utter the word panties is WAY bad too!

  2. I know what you mean aboout Forever 21!! At our mall it's close by the video game store, so while my older son spends 100 hours looking at video games, I like to browse Forever 21. I feel so OLD!!!(and fat)when I'm there. They do have cute jewelry though and it's cheap too!

  3. Ha! Love it!! And, that picture is adorable.

  4. Your little guy is so adorable! I agree, all those things you listed are very cringe-worthy!

  5. Thanks for the giggle! I am a "lister" too. I feel like I am accomplishing something when I write it down :)
    I gagged at the word retch. There is just something about that word.....and fester. YUCK.

  6. so with you on the dirty floor thing. i feel like i should have a broom or vacuum attached to my hand, permanently! i am always cleaning the floor.

  7. ps - my cousin also has a deep hatred for the word MOIST & PELVIS! i had to chuckle.

  8. Jack is a handsome little guy! He's the middle-child, between the two adorable girls, but he's a looker!


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