Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Talk Simple Skirts

Ever since I found Dana's website called Made, I've been slightly obsessed with sewing. Skirts, in particular.

Dana has super-simple tutorials on her site - no patterns needed! This is perfect for people like me who can't follow patterns.

Or who just don't have the patience for them. Or are just too dumb to follow them.

Her tutorials have step-by-step instructions and pictures for every step. So helpful.

I followed Dana's Simple Skirt Tutorial and added a ruffle to the bottom of this skirt. The skirt fabric was leftover from the shirt embellishment project I showed in this post.

It doesn't take much fabric at all and it's very easy to make! I made some summer skirts for Avery that I'll show you soon.

If you don't have a sewing machine and have been thinking about getting one (ahem, Janelle!), you really should take the plunge and do it! I've had my machine for less than 2 years and I've had so much fun creating with it!



  1. seriously though?

    i want to eat her up.
    you are so fab aimee and so creative.

  2. I'm so very addicted to making skirts now. I want to get to Zooks and buy more fabric!!

  3. Those look easy peasy. I have to give one a try. Fun fabrics!

  4. Adorable outfit; sweet little toes!


  5. oh great, JUST what I need, more encouragement to get nothing done around my house and just CREATE. CREATE. CREATE!!!!

    i saw a PINK sewing machine. i almost squealed. perhaps a purchase with my yard sale money?? IF I make any! Seriously, there's going to be 18 women here now, not 15! i'm in so much trouble!!!!

  6. so adorable. and what would that take? ha 1/4 yard. :) wow, so tiny...


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