Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Market Skirt

Here is a skirt I made for Avery following the Market Skirt Tutorial on the Made blog.

The fabric is so summery and so yummy! Now if only the weather would warm up...we are ready for summer!

You can see Avery's goofy personality in these pictures...she loves to pose!

The tank is Old Navy from a yard sale and the shoes are also Old Navy.


  1. Looks awesome I just made the "Simple Skirt" on her page and I'm working on another one today!

  2. knock it the heck off.
    too cute, once again.

    okay, she is SO BIG! i can't barely stand it. she is like a tiny little lady. dear lands!

    (love the outfit! and by the way, my kids are officially wearing their spring clothes. their winter stuff no longer fits and has been worn out. so, it can be 50 degrees and you'll see my kids in crocs and capri's! if it snows again, they'll be playing outside in their swim suits!)


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