Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Here is my "What I Wore Wednesday" post for the week, linking up to the Pleated Poppy...

Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments about my *thrift store* clothes! I really am flattered when someone says they like my style - because I feel like I don't know what I'm doing most days! I like to mix and match and try different things together that weren't necessarily meant to go together.
Black tank: Target
White crocheted top: Goodwill (Old Navy) - I love unique pieces like this!
Purple cardi: Goodwill (New York & Co)
Jeans: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft)
Shoes: Walmart

Black longsleeve top: Target
Jacket: Plato's Closet consignment (Forever 21)
Jeans: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft)
Shoes: Ross

Purple tank with shell embellishment: Goodwill (new from Target)
Lavender cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt: Goodwill (new from Target)
Shoes: Goodwill
Belt: Goodwill

Striped top: Goodwill (Kenneth Cole)
Yellow top: Goodwill (Target)
Pants: Target
Shoes: Ross

White tunic: Ross
Jeans: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft)
Shoes: Goodwill
Belt: I tied a scarf around my waist


  1. I absolutely ADORE the sunday outfit. All your outfits are great, but I love the visual interest in that great skirt, top, with accessories. Seriously great styling!

  2. the first and last outfits are my favs! Cute as always!

  3. You are super cute!!! You look great in the belted look!!!

    Have a super day!


  4. Here via the Pleated Poppy. I also LOVE shopping at Goodwill, I lovingly refer to it as Goodie Botique. :) I find it hard to pay reg retail now when I can score, Banana Rep, Gap, AT Loft, etc. at such great prices via GW! Even converting a few of my friends to GW shopping.

  5. Very classy! Love the Herringbone skirt! I love your outfit ideas. I have this cute sweater, or should I say cute on the hangar but when I put in on egads...blah...maybe it needs a belt!

  6. The Tuesday outfit is my favorite! I'm usually totally into print and pattern, but find I'm drawn to more simple looks with a pop of accessories.

  7. You have great style! ;-)
    I love to find my clothes at thrift shops, some of my favorite things are from there! I supplement from Target, Old Navy......just recently started shopping there again. Had taken a two year break but got a gift card and found a couple cute things!

  8. My outfits are 90% thrifted! So I LOVE seeing others putting together items from Goodwill. You Sunday outfit is awesomeness! Great look, classy and stylish. And the last one ...I so totally used a scarf as a belt a few weeks ago and got the most comments on it. The scarf as a belt is easy and a great look.

  9. Adorable outfits! I am SO impressed with your Goodwill finds, they don't look thrifted at all! :)

  10. Love all those Goodwill finds!!! The black/white herring bone skirt is totally fab! I'm a HUGE fan of Goodwill and can totally appreciate your thrift finds!

    I've got support the thriftsters so I'm now your newest follower!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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