Friday, May 13, 2011

Art for some sweet little girls

These are some of my besties from high school. From waaaay back in 9th grade when we battled zits and self esteem issues and algebra.

We still get together regularly to catch up on each other's lives and to re-hash those high school years! They are the kind of girls that will always and forever be in my life. The kind that know me so well and are always there for me. No matter what.

Me, Jodi, & Mary Beth
The girl in the middle with the big smile, Jodi, got married and has 4 adorable little kids - 2 boys & 2 girls.

The newest member of her family is this little girl named Kelly Isabel who they just adopted a few months ago. Is she not just about the sweetest thing you've ever seen??

Jodi asked me to create some artwork for her daughters who share a bedroom. So I painted a canvas for Kelly...

And I painted a canvas for big sister Kira...

Jodi - these canvases will be coming your way shortly!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Love the paintings!! You always make the rooms looks so soft and inviting. I love it.



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