Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative Clothing Organization

We live a house that's about 90 years old, which means that closet space is very, very small or non-existant.

So, I'm forced to either not have many clothes (so not gonna happen!) or get creative with clothing storage.

Violet's nursery is one of the rooms that doesn't have a closet. Here's how I decided to store her dresses.

I put up a tension rod on one of the windows and hung her dresses from it. The nursery was an addition that was put on after the house was built and the window looks into Jack's bedroom.

Just for some color and fun, I made this little flag banner out of leftover fabric from Avery's ruffle skirt. I just cut out triangles and used twine to hang it. No sewing involved!

And here's what that corner of the little room looks like. It's a tiny nursery but very functional.

I'm all about making spaces useful but beautiful too!

And here is my sad little closet. Actually it's the only storage we have in our bedroom for both hubs & me. It's very narrow and doesn't work well for hanging my dresses.

I had an old shutter that I bought several years ago at a barn sale, so I hung it on one of our bedroom walls, and it works perfectly for hanging my dresses.

I wear dresses a lot, so it's nice to have easy access to them.

It's not very conventional to have dresses hanging on the wall of a bedroom, but it's handy and makes me happy!

I just pretend our bedroom is an enormous walk-in closet!

And here's how I store my necklaces and flower pins. I found the hooks at Goodwill and hung it on the inside of the closet door. I also hung a full-length mirror on the door.

I used to keep my necklaces in a jewelry box, but they would always get tangled, and I would forget to wear them.

This way, they are out in the open and easily accessible.

I enjoy coming up with inexpensive & creative solutions to make our house work for us.

No matter where you are living, there are things you can do to make your space functional and beautiful!


  1. I LOVE all your ideas. I live in a 100+ year house with no closets in the bedrooms and I am totally loving your creativity and the way it becomes art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh. Great idea! I'm SO bad at keeping up with the laundry, so I'd just have an empty bar with a bunch of hangers :)

  3. I love this whole post! The first home we bought was a 13 foot wide row house with very narrow, and very few, closets. I had a lot of fun packing our things in a small space.
    Beth in Baltimore

  4. I love this post! We live in a small place too, and now with three children, it's becoming more and more necessary to make each and every space functional. I love the way you've done that and made it all beautiful too. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Amy loving the new signs you have made! The Fisher Family sign turned out great too!! You so rock.

  6. I love your idea! I have Louvered Doors into a walk through storage closet in my bedroom. I took big paper clips. opened them up like a large letter S and slid them in the slots then hung all my necklaces individually. Long ones on one side short ones on the other.... wish I could send you a picture!

  7. You are so creative! I love how you can reuse things in a more functional way. I can't look at something and decide how I could use it. Wish I could. I also love all of your dresses. If I had some cute ones like yours, I would definitely wear dresses a lot more- which is pretty much never now. If you ever want to downsize your wardrobe, I'll gladly take some off your hands!! :)


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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