Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Thrift Store Edition}

So this week I thought I would be brave, put on my big girl panties, and get out from behind the camera. Just please, please, please excuse the awkwardness, bad lighting, and everything that goes along with taking pictures of yourself.

Really, it all makes me cringe.

Most of the photos are courtesy of my five year old Avery. She was delighted that she was actually allowed to hold the camera and take pictures!

Linking up to the Pleated Poppy...

White tank: Target
Blue ruffley top: Plato's Closet consignment
Jeans: Goodwill (Gap)
Belt: Goodwill
Sandals: Target (I embellished them with a fabric ruffle)
Little boy who has to get in on the action: Jack

Purple striped T: Gap Outlet from years ago
White skirt: Goodwill
Belt: Goodwill
Flats: Goodwill

Striped top: Goodwill (White House Black Market)
Black skirt: Plato's Closet consignment (Target)
Orange flower pin: Amelia's Discount Grocery

Jack wanted to join me in the pictures and of course HAD to hold his ever-present blanket. One of my nicknames for him is Little Linus.

Gotta love those little boy hugs! They are the best! :)

Blue tank: Target
Skirt: Goodwill (Talbots)
Shoes: Goodwill

Until next time...


  1. Lookin' good!

    Avery did a fabulous job.


  2. Love the purple/white striped shirt with white skirt. I need to get in on the striped bandwagon. Also love the last outfit, it's so bright and fun!

  3. I love every single outfit! Especially the 'Friday' one!

    Visiting from The Pleated Poppy wiww

  4. Your Sunday outfit is my favorite. I love those kind of skirts, but they never look quite right on me because my legs are short. :(

  5. loving all of your stripes this week!

  6. that big orange bloom is awesome and I adore your skirts... especially love the striped one!

  7. I love your last outfit! I never find good things at goodwill, but I'm happy you did!


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