Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seaside Inspired Mantle

For some reason (as if I don't have enough to do) I've been itching to change my fireplace mantle around, so I've been working on a new look for the past few days and thought I'd share what it looks like now.

Just for fun, I took a look at some old photos and this is what the room looked like just before we moved in almost six years ago.



Aaaahh, it's like a breath of fresh air! I've been working on the painting above the mantle for the past week and it's been a lot of fun.

A very sweet reader, Lisa Zimmerman, let me know that she had some old doors in her barn that she wanted to get rid of, so I picked them up.  My husband cut one of the doors in half, and I used it for this painting.

The white sconces on either side of the painting came from Ikea. I covered some old books with scrapbooking paper, then tied them together with twine. And the two topiaries on top of the built-in bookcases came from a yard sale.

You can see in the "before" picture that the fireplace was brick and was really sooty. One day I just decided to go for it and paint over the brick. The paint has lasted really well and it really brightens the rooms. I painted the top of the mantle a dark brown color.

In case you were wondering, the wall has paneling on it and we painted over it.

The photo blocks are made from wood blocks that I decoupaged photos onto.

I should have done this mantle re-do a few months ago since it's a "summery" look, and I should be thinking about decorating for fall soon.

Oh, well! At this stage of my life, it's better late than never!


  1. Looks great . . . I am thinking about painting our fireplace white and this seals the deal for me. :) Just curious . . . one of the signs on your header says "Bethany Beach" . . . would that happen to be the Bethany Beach in Michigan? We go there all the time and love it.

  2. Wow, what a difference paint makes! I love how you updated the room by painting the fireplace.

    Also love your summery painting!

  3. It's not that you got your summer idea up late, you've already got it planned out for next summer!
    It looks nice!

  4. What a great transformation! Love the art..., and the photo cubes!! I might actually do that! You might get a kick out of this post I did earlier ..., lots of beachy mantels! See here.
    Just landed on your blog for the first time..., off to browse a bit!

  5. Love the transformation! IMO everyone should paint thee brick fireplaces if the before/after is this awesome! Thanks for sharing your beautiful decor ideas with decor-hungry souls like me. :)

  6. I love that door painting! That I think I might try if you don't mind it would look great in bedroom! You are just amazing!

  7. Just stumbled on your blog while looking for sea inspired decor. I love your summery mantel! Especially the painting on the old barn door. Genius!


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