Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thankful List

  • Avery ~ my sweet firstborn.
  • Jack ~ my snuggly boy who makes me laugh every single day.
  • Violet ~ my busy little baby who keeps me on my toes.
  • Hubs who puts up with my shenanigans. And loves me despite me.
  • My job, which is also my hobby. It doesn't feel like work and fulfills the creative energy in me.
  • Avery's Kindergarten teacher who is just about the sweetest person I've ever met.
  • Amazing neighbors who have turned into friends.
  • Friends who travels through life with us and make our experience FUN. You know who you are.
  • Family ~ and can I just say that we have the best families in the world? The best.
  • Our church, which is also our family.
I heard the song "How Deep the Father's Love" yesterday and love the lyrics of these verses.

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gain from His reward?
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

I am most thankful that Jesus, my Savior, came down from Heaven to a lost, dirty world because He loved us so much. And He would have done it just for me. And for you.

Amazing love. I have no reason to complain about anything. If all He would have done is saved me from my sins, that would have been enough. But He has blessed me beyond anything I deserve.

Everything I have is gift from Him.

Thank you Jesus.


    1. Well said! I totally agree with you. I, too, have been blessed beyond what I deserve. And, I am so thankful for Christ's awesome love - which I can't seem to wrap my mind around! Thank you for your transparency. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Aimee!

    2. What a wonderful post on this Thanksgiving Day! It gives me chills and leaves tears in my eyes! Thank you Aimee! And may you have a such a blessed Day! Love you!

    3. This is so true for me too! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


    I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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