Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Year Ago

For the past few weeks, every time I would think about this Christmas season I got a knot in my stomach.

And I would remember last Christmas. What a tough time that was.

Violet was 7 weeks old and caught a cold, which turned into a serious case of RSV/bronchiolitis. When I took her to the ER two days before Christmas, I had no idea that we would spend the next week and a half in the hospital.

Such a scary time. We had to hold her upright at all times because she couldn't breathe lying down. She had a terrible, gaspy cough that would last for hours. We spend four days at a community hospital, then were transferred to the intensive care unit at Hershey Medical Center where we spent the next week.

I was by her side almost all the time and I missed my other two kiddos like crazy. But the experience made me realize how our lives can be turned upside down so quickly and made me so grateful to have healthy kids.

And now, one year later, Violet has been so healthy and I am so thankful for her little life! She is precious.

All of the kids have had a bad case of the flu this week and now hubs and I have it too. Lots of sleepless nights, cleaning up messes, and holding sick babies!

But I am so glad that we didn't get sick over Christmas! Hopefully this year will be much more peaceful than last year.

I read back over the comments from my posts a year ago when Violet was sick and I'm amazed at the enouragement I received from you all. It was a treasure to hear your kind words while we were in the midst of that hard time.

THANK YOU for caring about our family. I'm so grateful.


  1. Violet is precious. It broke my heart to hear of her illness last Christmas! So glad everyone in the family is feeling better before Christmas. I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas =) ~Andrea

  2. I, too, was thinking about where you guys were a year life was so different at that time, and how the Lord cared for Violet and you guys during that time. Amazing.

    I'm praying for a quick recovery in your household, my dear friend! Merry Christmas!

  3. It's been wonderful to see her looking so well, along with the rest of your family. Fun to see those birthday photos and the recent family pix. Merry Christmas.

  4. That's so terrible! I'm glad everything turned out well and now you can make new Christmas memories that are happy and healthy!

  5. i too have been recalling previous holidays in our home, that were spent in hospitals, grieving and/or not at all like we had hoped or pictured. i give thanks for the gift of a happy & healthy family this christmas, although i desire to be content regardless of my circumstances.
    i am so happy for you and your family and pray you have a christmas filled with joy & peace.

    merry christmas girl!

  6. Where did that year go? Have a fabulous Christmas, you all deserve the best.

  7. I do remember your post last year- no time is a good time-but Christmas and w. lil ones at home-is just awful..She is just a Doll..
    a Great Reminder to us all-to treasure the healthy times..
    Merry Christmas


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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