Monday, January 9, 2012

Be Strong

I love, love, love the idea of teaching our boys to be STRONG.

To take care of others. To push through despite adversity.

To be motivated. To challenge themselves. To protect.

This is a custom sign that I recently made using an old salvaged barn door that I stained a dark walnut color. I took some photos of it in Jack's room, hanging above his bed.


  1. Love, love, love this and everything it stands for! Great job. Are you selling these?

  2. I love this sign as well! Do you sell it and how much?

  3. I'm not currently taking new orders for the barn door signs because I don't have a large inventory of doors right now. But I do occasionally list them for sale in my Etsy shop. ~Aimee

  4. I love the sign above his bed. It looks awesome there and is perfect for a little boy growing up to be a man!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the way you display Scripture, and so attractively!

    And what a beautiful family you have... Little Violet is just precious beyond words! I just love seeing happy families in love with each other!


  6. I love Jack's room and the sign is perfect above the bed. How will you part with it if it sells?


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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