Friday, January 27, 2012


I love looking through old photo albums of our families. My parents only a few pictures of them and my grandparents when they were younger, but husband's family has pretty many old pictures.

They facinate me. It's like looking into a different world, and I wonder what their lives were like all those many years ago.

Over Thanksgiving I was looking through hub's mom's old photos and I was amazed how much baby Violet looks like her. It was uncanny.

Here is Violet and her Grandma and you'll see what I mean...

Same wild, curly, dark hair, same mouth, same chubby cheeks, same eyes.

I love it!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Wow... that is pretty cool!

  2. There is something special about seeing family resemblance in my kiddos to other family members besides just myself and my husband, I think!

  3. When my little niece started first grade, I put up a contrast between her and her g-gm, taken in 1903

    sorry if link does not work well.
    i see where your kids get the mop of dark hair, adorable.

  4. That is precious! It is amazing how genes can pop son looks just like his grandfather when he was his age!

  5. Wow! She looks just like her! How cool!


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