Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a few things

 Life just keeps marching right along, and I haven't had a chance to post as much as normal. I skipped "what I wore" this week, because, really, who wants to bother looking cute when the temperature goes over 100? Not me.

So here are a few randoms...

My sister Sara with my littlest reading a book (I think they look alike, don't you?)...
 Playing games with cousins at a birthday party for my neice Anna...we love our families!

 Feeling like big stuff in my brother Matt's old Jeep...the perfect summer vehicle.

 Always ready to pose for a picture...high buns are the ticket when the weather gets hot!

Here are a few custom signs I've done lately. I'm not taking orders again until September, but that doesn't mean I'm not working my little tail off. I'm getting ready for the launch of my new website (gulp) and making lots of signs to fill my new store.

More details to come, I promise!

What a great verse...

And for a sweet little girl's room...

I have lots of new things going on right now with the business - things that make me both excited and nervous at the same time. I'm really looking forward to seeing where God takes all this!

On a shallow note, have you seen Downton Abbey? I'm completely sucked in. I watch it on Hulu through my laptop, because our tv is the size of a postage stamp and it is 15 years old (what can I say - we're cheap). I'm loving the amazing costumes on this show. It is so inspiring. You must watch it if you haven't already.

Ok, I think that's all the important news I've have for you. I'll give you a breakdown, in case you were too lazy to read my post:

:: It's hot out.
:: I don't have anything to wear when it's hot. Husband would probably not agree.
:: Kids are loving summer and playing outside. Understatement of the year.
:: I'm working a lot, in between diapers and lunches and squabbles and know the drill.
:: But I'm also playing a lot, I have to add. In case you get all judgey and think that I'm neglecting my kids.
:: Well, maybe I neglect my kids sometimes. But I don't want to be too perfect of a parent or I might make you feel inferior.
:: I cannot wait to move into my art studio. Because my kitchen is becoming increasingly filled with my painting junk and it's just about making me lose my mind. Did I mention I'm going to have an art studio?? Yes, you could say I'm excited. And you would be very, very correct. I cannot wait to fill you in on all the details.
:: And finally, you should watch Downton Abbey. Because a British accent is just so very cool.



  1. So excited to see your new website :) and glad you get an Art Studio of your own!

  2. You are too cute! Love the breakdown list! ;) Sounds like you have exciting things happening. Looking forward to hearing ("reading") the details.
    PS. Never heard of Downton Abbey, but we don't have cable or Hulu, just Netflix (we are also cheap!) Probably not on Netflix, eh? I'll have to check...

  3. I love your list too! Summers are always crazy...but I love them! I LOVE Downton Abbey...both segments 1 and 2...and I can't WAIT til #3 comes out in the U.S. next year! I love British movies with the gorgeous views, homes and costumes. Nice way to just relax and enjoy an evening....or two (especially when you have to figure out how many hours each disc contains....and if you can stay up that late!)

  4. Woo-hoo! Thrilled for you about the launch of your new site!

    Your kiddos are grwing up!!!!

    I have watched some of Downton Abbey on Netflix and I agree-it sucks you in! I like the accents and the castles! I am a fan of Jane Austen movies, so Downton Abbey definitely has an appeal!

  5. So funny! :)

    FYI - Curt and I caught some of Downton Abbey a few months ago...we are thinking of getting the DVDs from the library to get caught up. :)

  6. See, THIS is why I love you....or why I love reading your posts rather. LOL! I love your breakdown list! LOL! BUT,.... I CANT BELIEVE you have done ALL of this work and not already have a studio!? Aimee, are you telling us you have painted ALL of those signs on your KITCHEN TABLE!?? You really ARE a normal everyday kinda person aren't you!? lol. And here I was thinking you were super woman...ok I still think you are super woman. It takes me DAYS to do one small sign. I guess that's why I cant imagine you doing all of those signs on your table. Your table HAD to have been crammed full of signs ALL the time!!! SO GLAD you are getting your very own studio! I'm super excited for you!

    1. You cracked me up! Yes, I paint all my signs in my kitchen and I'm so tired of it!! :) It's high time for a space of my own, let me tell you. And, NO, I am most definitely NOT a superwoman!! Not by any stretch of the imagination!! Most days I'm lucky to get my teeth brushed and decent clothes put on! :)

  7. art studio!!!!??? wow. yay! so fabulous. i am happy for you! can't wait to see/hear more details!


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