Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Craft time in the studio

We have a tradition in my family every Thanksgiving. During the weekend at some point the girls have a fun craft day, and this year we had it at my house.

The studio was the perfect space for it.

Some years we all do the same craft, but this year we each did our own little projects.

My sister-in-law Andrea worked on some fun Christmas ornaments made from styrofoam balls, yarn, and hot glue. They were time-consuming but turned out super cute!


The others worked on fabric flower necklaces and jersey knit bracelets like these, We also made some infinity scarves from knit fabric.

My mom whipped up this basket liner in about two seconds using some fabric and her sewing machine. She is FAST.

I want to host some more craft times in the studio. It is so much fun! Want to come join me??


  1. How fun!! Wish I could! Love that tradition!

  2. What an awesome day!! Love it! My family better be worried.. you gave me a evil idea:)

  3. Yes I do!! It is a long drive from my West Coast Canadian home, though. I might be a wee bit late! Ha!:)

  4. I'd so join you if I lived near you!

  5. Yes...that would be wonderful if I lived closer!

  6. I do, I do! All the way from Texas :)


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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